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Specialized platform for global artists and performers to collaborate and share their work. A digital hub for select creatives that have embodied paths of fractal living and aesthetics.

Alexander Hoffman, Multimedia Artist
Pioneer of histogram modulations, auric biofield technologies.
Untitled 01  (2017)                                           Untitled 02 (2017)
Enchanted Console,
Processing (js) of mathematical algorithms to create seamless fractal gifs
Spencer Dwight,

Digital collages, stickers and fractal algorithms + more strange design oriented ideas. Specializes in effects: OS, GFX, UIX, VFX. Curates some outlandish magazines and stuff.
Portal Bends (2017)

Spencer Dwight, Multimedia Artist
Atari Jitter scripts in Max for video modulation and textural changes.
Histoflips (2018)

Using RGB curves in Lightroom CC to modulate light values and uncover extra info from lighting artifacts. There are occasions when an individuals "aura" is seen.

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